With each project we work on, a great deal of it involves getting to know and understand our clients and their needs. This entails an in depth background to their history, a good understanding of their products or services, their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and believe it or not their threats. Fully immersing ourselves and understating who truly our client is provides us with a good foundation for developing conceptual designs that relate to their needs.


Creative Brief
We define this as an established hierarchy of expectations or deliverables founded by a client and typically provided in a written format or through conversation. Any given project we work on requires full understanding of a given brief to best provide a design that works. Some of the key factors involved with each trade show booth or retail space design include sizing, layout or configuration, location, audience analysis, spatial planning, visuals, messaging, competitors and build materials/finishes.


Sketch/Design Mockup
Collaborating with our clients at each stage or phase of a project is the single most important thing in our design process. No one holds more knowledge about the project or product than our clients and giving them the opportunity to participate or share their thoughts and professional input is a must. Through the use of sketches and 3d dimensional drawings, we formulate concepts and narrow down the design until both parties are satisfied before going too far into visualization.


Concept Presentation
Utilizing the concept developed in the previous stage, we work on all the changes requested and begin finalizing the design through detailed visualization, product placement and messaging. Using top of the line 3d rendering software, we provide our clients with photorealistic visualization in a pdf format outlining numerous views to provide a strong understanding to the proposal.


Project Revisions
Like any other project involving design, each delivered presentation comes with the opportunity of two detailed revisions. Each revision step allows a client to assess and revise elements of their exhibit booth or retail space knowing that our team will update, re-render and provide a new presentation containing all requested changes.

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