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Amari Studio is an expert in providing its clients with photo-realistic visualizations using state of the art 3d software with over a decade of expertise creating 3D spaces. Each project we undertake is meticulously studied and dissected, making certain we understand the clients program and transform each space or category into a functioning whole.  At Amari we do not take shortcuts nor do we compromise even as a freelance exhibit designer. We believe in the power of collaborating with each client providing a strong foundation for good communication and excellent design.

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Tradeshow and Exhibit Design

– Custom exhibit Design
– Rental design exhibition
– Modular exhibit Design
– Custom Designed Kiosks

Freelance Exhibition Designer png

Retail Design/Custom Displays

– Retail Store Design
– Product Display Stands
– Window Displays/Installation
– Popup Store Design

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– Temporary installations
– Large event staging and visualization
– Product layout/staging
– Signage Design