Important Tips to for Every Exhibit Design

Important Tips to for Every Exhibit Design

Exhibit design: Loud graphics, vibrant colors, and flashing lights are not enough for a successful trade show design. A design without a crisp message is nothing but an arrow with the aim. The design and presentation is the first thing that catches the eyes of your audience. The tips below will help you in forming a complete package of a trade show design and you will see a clear vision of the attendees wanting to learn more about what you’re offering.



Make your exhibit design and display loud and clear. Make sure it reflects your mission, vision, brand message and the industry you belong to. Follow the 3-sec rule – to engage the passers in under 3 seconds.



Coordinate the brand, message, and exhibit design and display to follow uniformity. Be sure of what your theme is, then choose the right mix of colors and words. Double check the lighting to be sure of visibility. Matching your layout, choose a font color that attracts the readers. Don’t forget to allocate the space for representatives.



Select simple fonts that catch the eye and demand immediate attention. Choose the one that would be easy to read from a far-off place as well. Take good care of the spacing and indents while designing your exhibit display. Ignoring this results in frustration to the readers.



Be very careful in choosing the color for backgrounds and typography. Follow color psychology, do a little research and coordinate it with your research about the potential customers and what may attract them.



Study your audience closely and develop a campaign accordingly. The best practice is to consider your display as a billboard on the busy road and focus on displaying a clear-cut message with simple graphics. Play with the color combinations and avoid busy patterns or backgrounds.



Avoid too much exaggeration and vibrancy. Be minimal in choosing the colors to make your message cliché to your potential customers.

How you present your company, brand message, product and the product appearance depends on how you portray yourself at the show. By following little principles and rules, you can stand out in a huge crowd and achieve your trade show goals more effectively and efficiently. Be confident in consulting your printer or supplier for their professional opinions because they have the best experience in design and media.

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